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#40-1150 Silvia Heyden Tapestry: circa 1965

Rug #40-1150, size 7’7″ x 4’3″

Origin: America

Type: Tapestry

Size: 4’3″ x 7’7″

Construction: High warp linen tapestry

Circa: 1965

Silvia Heyden, born Silvia Stucky, in Basel Switzerland in 1927, studied at the School of Arts in Zürich from 1948-1953 .  After her marriage to Dr Siegfried Heyden in 1954, Silvia spent the following years with her children in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Berlin.

Her first tapestry loom was purchased in 1964 for a large commission for the Expo-Suisse in Lausanne, Switzerland.  The family moved to Durham, NC when Siegfried received a new position at the Duke University Medical Center in 1966.  This move would lead to her first major exhibit at the Duke University of Art Museum, in Durham in 1972.

From 1974-1992 Heyden took part in numerous large exhibits and worked on commissions in the US and Europe.  This particular piece was made in America, the label seen below (included with this tapestry), indicates the hometown of the designer.